Well, who knew how fast 2018 has gone, already in the seventh month leaving only five amazing months left until we welcome 2019! So many amazing opportunities have come for us and some sad times but in life, we must experience this for us to learn and move forward to a happier and a more meaningful life.

I know for me personally, there have been some moments of shock where you are asking “why or how” did this happen as well as giving birth to my amazing website and seeing everything come to fruition. 2018 (2+0+1+8 = 11) 11, which is a Master Number activates the intuitive year allowing us to connect into higher frequencies and allowing our manifestations to flow easily. It’s a year to focus on having more faith and following your psychic adventures, as I have stated before we are all intuitive and we all perceive the Psychic gift, it’s just a matter of unlocking our ability to connect while listening to the universal messages from spirit.

But for us on a non-spiritual realm, an eleven year is all about achieving our goals and tackling our true destiny. This year can be a year of anxiousness, stress, confusion and a year that requires more grounding feet in the dirt type, but we want to know about the month of July.

Here is what you need to know about JULY 2018



July brings us into a “9” Month ( 7+2+0+1+8 = 18 =9) with numerology it’s important to note that we MUST “bring all numbers down to a single digit” Example (18=9). So what does a 9 month mean? well, it’s simply a time of endings, doesn’t sound too scary, does it?

Out with the old in with new, spring cleaning, clearing drama and political nonsense that no longer serves you, Anxiety, Stress, feelings of being a snapping crocodile or I can explode any moment now.

Nine is such a beautiful time, I am starting to feel excited… Wait… Although while we need to energetically detach and clear, the nine month is actually doing us a favour. If we can do the clean up now it saves us from coming back and doing it all over again- time after again and again.

While we must know that the universe has our backs, creating a universal love for many of us to be able to express and clear the drama, bullshit and any issues you may be facing. Remember loyalty is also important during this month so find your closest and trustworthy friends or family and make a stronger connection while having some TLC time for self-love. Expansions are also on the horizon, you are already creating this by removing garbage from your life allowing you to re-stock your shelf with a more meaningful reason why.
One final note with the nine, nine’s represents humans “earthly lesson”, which is “forgiveness” when was the last time you actually forgave or said ok “I forgive and allow myself to move forward”? Maybe it’s something to look into?

This month will provide many highs and lows and for others, it may be an easy walk through the park, we must remember everyone deals with emotions and issues differently and that this is a guide for what is currently happening for the month of July.

Tarot Card of the month – TEMPERANCE

When we are feeling down or needing guidance we often seek out our divination tools to provide us with the messages for upcoming issues we need to deal with and for me it’s my trusty loved Tarot cards.

As I was shuffling I asked the Universe to please present me with a card for the month and out of the seventy-eight cards “Temperance” jumped out, so what does it mean?


Temperance is all about BALANCE now while being in a month of a nine I think it’s the appropriate choice the universe has presented to us. Balance in our work, family, home and everyday life will allow you to prevent from being the snappy crocodile that everyone needs to avoid. Balance is a time of soothing, mediating and allowing yourself to just sit back, put your feet up and relax, while patience is also needed at this time. Stop rushing or worrying about deadlines, do you think Jesus had deadlines, well maybe yes? but did he worry too, much- NO!

You see our Psychical life is too much focused in the mundane environment focusing on bills, money, deadlines, love, does he like me, all that hocus pocus, when simply we just need to take the “chill” pill. Temperance is already covering on the two main aspects of the nine by saying a time to let go and removing excess baggage “Balance and patience”

While we are allowing the patience and balance to happen it’s also a great time to aim for the higher picture. Finding the meaning for our next adventure or directional change, you may be confused but that is when the time is needed to meditate and write down all your plans and ideas to manifest a better flow for your needs.

PLEASE start to write down all your ideas, inspirations or messages that spirit may provide pay close attention to the meanings, what it means to you? you never know what is possible?

I honestly think that is going to be a month of many doors closing that is required but allowing us to shift the old and bring the new to make a big come back for August which is a 19= 1. ONE = NEW BEGINNINGS

Remember that if you are in need or seeking guidance you can always get in contact and book a reading or simply message me.

I want to send each and every single one of you many blessings and a head start simplicity during this month.

Let the magic of JULY BEGIN!

Alex Morgan – Psychic Medium