Have you been wondering about what happens to us when we are deceased?

Are you questioning life after death?

Do you wonder if our soul continues to live?

For most of us, it’s a question we are afraid to ask or tap into as it can be daunting and confronting

Being a Medium myself, it’s a question I get asked frequently from clients and other curious minds about the other side and how it all works.

So, I thought it’s time to open the doors to the afterlife and help you find out more by sharing my viewpoint and allowing you to make a decision for yourself: “Does life after death exist?”.

We have all lost precious souls within our lifetime. For some, it may be the loss of your Mother and Father or even Grandparents, which is extremely hard to come to terms with and to say goodbye. Although saying goodbye isn’t actually saying goodbye forever it’s really just the acknowledgment of saying goodbye to the psychical body on this psychical dimension.

Yes, when we pass our psychical body remains but our soul is on an adventure to explore the depths of what life really is about. Many people will claim that there is no such thing as life after death or that our soul still lives on. Some people believe in reincarnation which means that the essence of the person who’s passed may come back in another life form. Think about it; does one of your children or family members have some traits or personality characteristics as someone who has passed? This can be a sign of reincarnation.

Being able to connect with many loved ones who have passed in my readings and paranormal investigations I strongly agree that our soul continues to live on forever. Before we are born we signed a contract to the universal laws to state that we are ready to come into this lifetime and to share our life mission. Our Souls have seen our life before we are even born, hence why the Deja-Vu moments occur, some places will spark our memory from other lifetimes Deja-vu.

I must state that everyone will have different opinions, some will agree with what I have spoken of and some won’t. Remember we all have different opinions and answers which is fantastic. I encourage you to listen to what your heart wants to believe in; don’t cloud it with the judgement of your mind or of the opinions of others.

My question for you is this: Do you honestly believe that life goes on, it’s a simple yes or no? I have had many clients saying to me “Alex, I don’t believe” but yet again still come for a reading to communicate with those who have passed.

I encourage each individual to have a clear view of the afterlife and to gather your insights towards what you believe, as one day it will be you crossing to the other side. We are all on different journeys, so what you may believe in others may simply not and that’s fine, the matter of free will is a powerful aspect to have.

Let’s take a step back in time and understand how this all came about. Necromancy is the term we use for “Mediumship” which basically means the communication with the deceased either by summoning their spirits as an apparition or able to communicate with the other side. Divination tools can also be used such as Tarot Cards, Pendulums and other tools or channelling.

Channelling is known as communication of spirit which a person body can be taken over by a spirit for the purpose of communication. Channelling has been around for millennia; for thousands of years. Channelling was originally used by Shamans, Witch Doctors, Prophets and other people who claim to hear voices or supernatural imprints from the spirit world. Channellers are also known as Psychic Mediums. We often use “spirit guides” who help gather information and assist with our spiritual journey.

Necromancy was used throughout Ancient times back in Egypt, Babylonia, Greece and Rome, some necromancers would go to extreme lengths to connect with the other side by wearing clothing of the one who has passed or even using the body parts to connect. These days, necromancy is often performed by seances, channelling and spiritualism. Spiritualism is the new age of believing that spirits of the dead exist and have the connection to communicate with the living not just the dead, and there is more to the dimension we live on.

Ancient Egypt was connected with the belief of the Afterlife, mummies would be wrapped and prepared for the afterlife, different Egyptian Gods would also play crucial roles in assisting the dead through the afterlife. Egyptians believed in three aspects which were: the underworld, eternal life and rebirth of the soul. Spirits were often presented to different Gods throughout the Egyptian beliefs. One of the most prominent Gods was Osiris. Osiris would determine the virtue of the deceased’s soul and grant those deserving a peaceful afterlife. Egypt had many different ways to offer and please the dead for rebirth and eternal life by performing mummification, offerings, burial rituals, afterlife texts and more.

Just by looking back into the history we start to understand different beliefs and rituals that were placed for life after death. We start to notice where everything has surfaced from and that is thousands of years ago.

During my Spiritual awakening and development, I have come to truly believe that life goes on and that we are sent here for different reasons. Our soul will always travel and continue to go on until it has reached its life purpose. Our loved ones will always be around us because they are what we call a vibration, a vibration of love and happiness that can never be taken away from us. Our loved ones always follow and guide us in the right directions, sometimes we need to live through the unpleasant experiences as that’s what we call life, but whenever you are in need they will present signs to you.

Those who have passed have only true happiness and love to offer, they are sorry for the pain they have caused you during their life on earth, some were not the best while others could open and touch many hearts.

You see we all live different lives. If you were raised with a father who was abusive or had a drinking problem you’d understand that it came from either a situation he either grew up with or emotions he was holding onto. When we cross over I personally believe that we have to relive our life by showing us glimpses of things that we have done or could have possibly changed.

This is a process that the soul has to go through so we can confess and apologise, then we are greeted by our fellow loved ones and animals.

Many see the other side or afterlife as a sense of coming home. I believe we did come from the universe or evolution before we reached earth. You can imagine the afterlife however you wish and it’s something that we will discover once our time on earth is done and our missions are complete.

When my Grandmother passed away in 2009 she left me with a note that said “Don’t cry big boy, I can hear you in your prayers” I sit back and ask how she can hear me in my prayers and how do I know it’s actually her. Many of us would question this.  I will say that I just know as it’s my grandmother but we also receive signs from heaven which leads us to our next topic.

What are signs from heaven?

Signs from heaven are symbols, feelings, objects, noises, appearances and more that we cannot explain. Some say its paranormal and others say it’s a sign from loved ones. Before I started my spiritual awakening, I wanted to find signs that I was actually connecting to something that isn’t within my own mind or knowledge. I would often see light bulbs flickering or turning on and off for no apparent reason, orbs flying in a video recording that had no dust in a room and even smelling burnt toast when no one was psychically cooking or the occurring cupboard bangs that my family would also witness.

I asked Spirit to give me a sign if someone is here and on-demand the light would flicker; I asked my Grandmother if you are here please show me a sign and what did I receive? I would receive the smell of her perfume and hear her voice.

Alex and his mother “Deborah” would often hear Glenda (his grandmother) screaming out “Alex, get your mother, I need help… help me” this was a continuous cycle after Glenda passed away. Again, no psychical explanation towards why these things could happen.

Spirit plays in different ways and there are many different beliefs and virtues that everyone may have when they talk about the afterlife. I have seen within my own eyes and experiences that I cannot explain, after all, it’s your personal answer to your personal question.

A client of mine Sue (Sueheyla) told me of her experience with her Grandfather while he had an operation.  She said, “I believe there is something bigger waiting for us once we leave our physical self”.

“I remember when my Grandpa was alive and younger, he medically died during or after his surgery. The doctors brought him back to life with full consciousness and he said that he saw a white light and Angels surrounding him with family members who had passed in the light. He heard a voice telling him it wasn’t his time to go and he was brought back to life, he would often tell his story to us as kids”

“Once we passed away surely that can’t just be it… there has to be something else… I’ve had so many readings done by really good Psychic Mediums and there is no way that they could know anything about me or without speaking to that person who has passed over directly… so I do believe there is an afterlife” Sianne.

I will tell you honestly as a Medium and a psychical being that there are things I could not possibly know about the client or a passed loved one, I’ll often walk away stunned and questioning how did I know this?

If you haven’t had an experience with the afterlife that’s completely fine your time will come, but I want you to ask yourself what is your viewpoint of the afterlife? Do you believe or is it something you need more evidence to support these views? Start questioning with your family; you never know, you could have already seen a sign or spirit but never actually acknowledged the signs

I do believe in the afterlife and I will always continue to follow my passion of working with spirit,


Alex Morgan Psychic Medium.