It’s that time again where we welcome another month to find out what will August bring for us? As we know life plays mysterious roles that can be great and sometimes not so. Faith and belief are what keeps us centred and helps to believe that there is more to life if we remove the judgement and the clouded sight within your head you can see clearly about your next step. We are all destined for success and destined to be one within, destined to be the next celebrity or millionaire which can be possible but the only thing that stops us is the self-doubt or unsureness of self.

I ask you to take some time out and allow yourself to reflect and ask yourself from now till December what can I achieve to make the remaining of my year more magical that brings positive manifestations to my life? You see many of us start the year with big plans and like many, we often don’t achieve that, why? Because we simply lose sight due to the busy year or other commitments. This is the time for you to now sit, reflect and achieve what is possible.

Grounding and anchoring yourself to the earth will allow the flow of abundance, manifestations and release, this will help you to create another step further for happiness. Its time for you to spread your wings and fly free the abundance of all happiness is coming but what is stopping you from allowing all to come to fruition?

AUGUST 2018 is about to shake YOU and the universe so let’s find out what awaits for AUGUST 2018.


From the 26TH July to August 23RD is a time that you may just be facing unexpected changes making you feel nervous and angry creating stress upon indecisive and imbalanced feelings. When Mercury is in retrograde you can experience many different pleasant and unpleasant aspects of good old mercury retrograde.

Mercury retrograde presents us with many different obstacles and challenges that we can experience during this time such as communication issues, misunderstandings between partners or general influences, break down of mechanical and electronics, a higher chance of potential arguments, conflicts and accidents. Mercury retrograde is a time to tune into your common sense allowing you to have peace and caution. During Mercury retrograde, it’s a time where you may be having glimpses of the past or be in contact with people from the past also. Mercury Retrograde plays a huge part in everyone’s emotions, relationship endings, car problems and more please be on alert this month.

During Mercury retrograde, it’s said to avoid signing contracts or business related ideas as yet and can be the riskiest time for decision making. Don’t worry mercury retrograde only happens three to four times yearly lasting approx 24 days.

Take your time and go slow.

NUMEROLOGY AUGUST 2018 – 1 MONTH: ( 8+2+0+1+8= 19 = 10 = 1)

When we welcome August (8) into a numerology perspective we understand that August is the eighth month of the year out of twelve, so yes that means we are getting closer to the end of 2018 but it also shows us that we are on a mission of success this month. 8 Is the infinity symbol but the numerology meaning shows us more than just the infinity symbol? Eight is the meaning of authority and power, they are our natural born leaders who’re mission is to aim for success and money. They also have a powerful drive to achieve many things but if you are too arrogant you may miss the opportunities and growth. The eight-month shows us that patience is very much needed and to have self-discipline because if we aim too high quickly you will fall and lose the experience of nurturing your crop.

This is a great month to plan your growth of business or work ideas which will turn into great financial opportunities, don’t be too tactless, domineering or greedy as all that will be taken away from you. This can be a productive time but it depends on how you deal with your situations and outcomes if you go within and get suppressed you will miss the opportunities. Take action this month be the person you wish to desire, you are on a great pathway but don’t get lost by your ego or mind chatter.



We have discussed that August is the eighth month and previously discussed the meaning as above. We need to understand that for AUGUST 2018 we are in a 10 month which equals a 1. When we have a month equalling to 10 which has a zero attached to the 1 it means we are experiencing severance which indicates “Life altering changes”

So we are currently experiencing the characteristics of 8, 1 and severance this month. Severance shows us that this is the month where we can see a lot of unexpected changes happening. Severance talks about life, death, marriages, celebrations, endings, unexpected changes and a time that anything can basically happen. This month is starting to sound so scary and that’s simply because we are approaching a huge chapter at this very moment. Don’t get too fooled and listen to what your heart feels right with.


, so this leaves us with the final discussion of the meaning of a one. One is the beginning point of all the is to come, bringing us positivity and positiveness, one is new beginnings and a new chapter that is commencing. You will finally be able to feel fulfilment this month with a completion of a project or start of something to come. Success is the word screaming out but you must not get single-minded or too stubborn during the one month. Pay attention to your emotions also the band-aid needs to be removed for you to release and let go.

Take charge this month and let your spirits fly don’t get too controlling or passive.

When we have big numerological numbers and mercury retrograde its definitely a time that won’t be easy providing us with all highs and lows, so please take your time, go slow and make sure that whatever decisions you make or wish to proceed with is something you are willing to take on. Emotions, relationships are also on high alert so take that extra TLC time.

Tarot Card of the month:

When we are feeling down or needing guidance we often seek out our divination tools to provide us with the messages for upcoming issues we need to deal with and for me it’s my trusty loved Tarot cards.

As I was shuffling I asked the Universe to please present me with a card for the month and out of the seventy-eight cards “Two of wands and The Star” jumped out, so what does it mean?

TWO OF WANDS: Two of Wands shows a man who is looking to find the correct pathway to walk within, he is unsure of what direction to choose or where he must go. He must progress no matter what happens as it’s too late to walk back and close everything he has started. Yes, some rocky choices may be present but don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back from choosing the right intuitive path you desire. Discovery is the minds best curiosity, once we discover and learn new things we become more open to choose and learn from our previous experiences of right and wrong lessons within our lifetime. Time for planning and time for balance don’t stress too much, walk the path you feel is best don’t listen to outside influences.



THE STAR: The time has come to allow your third eye to radiate, allowing the clairvoyant sight to become one within the nature of who you are. Let go of emotions and let go of restrictions you must have hope because your faith will lead you in the best directions. The star shines so brightly, bringing its radiance to all but you can only radiate if you allow yourself to be in tune with your own nature. Inspiration and renewal are on its way but you must now follow your spiritual calling. Listen to your guides, spirit and let them guide you for what is next as they have only the best intentions for you at this pinnacle time. Big shifts and changes are along the way to allow the cleansing of your soul.




What a full on month we will be experiencing, remember to please have time to meditate and balance while all the ups are great we will also experience some downs. All the very Best – Alex Morgan Psychic Medium