NOVEMBER 2018 – Numerology and Tarot Forecast By Alex Morgan Psychic Medium

Well, another month is flying through and most of us are looking into the next month for 2018. We start to realise that we are at the final stages for 2018. Soon we will be welcoming 2019 with open arms and the dreaded but loved Christmas shopping will begin. Many of my clients ask me about what each month potentially holds within the energetic awareness and numerology components, so our question is what will November hold for us in 2018? Will it be laughs or tears?

The energy for November seems exciting, it feels a sense of peace and transitional shifts are about to come expanding our Mind, Body and Spirit. November is the eleventh month which is a master number.

11’s, 22’s,33’s Are our Master numbers which are highly powerful energetic numbers that open our eyes to many amazing aspects. 11 is an opening number, it’s the birth to intuition, spiritual awakening or starseed awakening. You might also see the constant 11:11 synchronicity which tells you to watch your thoughts, keep positive and manifest, the 11th number is believed to associate with Psychics or intuitive beings or those connecting spiritually.

Being an 11th month we will find that an increase of young souls may begin to awake and see some spirit friends or your intuition may develop strongly, it wasn’t until a few years back my intuitive bodies began connecting deeper in November and never truly understood why until the discovery of numerology which is the science of numbers (numerology)

So what does 11 mean? Elevens are the most intuitive of all numbers and can sense a great deal about what goes on behind scenes. 11 are the master teachers, inspirational, enlightenment idealism, dreamer, prophet, 11’s pathway is often hidden, and one must learn through experiences in both the outer and inner worlds to truly find oneself.

11 is a high vibration and needs to stay centred and balanced at all times. So the month of November is crucial that we all take time out to balance, meditate and ground our energies. We will be seeing a big shift and increase of our personal energy which will prompt the feeling of anxiety or unbalanced energies which require us to take time out to recharge those batteries.

11’s can sense a great deal of what goes on behind the scenes and during this time you may want to particularly pay close attention to your health or emotional restrictions and even old baggage you may wish to clear. You never truly know what goes on behind the scenes within your own life, friendships and all aspects so please pay close attention to any feelings, changes or energies that don’t suit your frequency these challenges may arise as we are needing to clear and let go.

Don’t be so arrogant as the 11 is amplified and 1 is a tall soldier, boss-like material so arguments can be a hike if leaving or changing jobs be respectful and try not to start any conflicts or tensions as this can be difficult due to the boss leader energy.

Relationships: Relationships seem like a great time as the 11 is an awakening number and the 4 requires foundation so if this is your aspect to find love, open the doors to relationships. You must allow yourself to let go of the past, whether you’re finding a male or female the energy is coming in. Masculinity is the feeling of the energy for the month. Being in charge and confidence is the sexy attraction for November. Be open and find the right person, be a little flirtatious and have a sexy spark will find your prince charming, don’t be too cocky or the date may end badly.

MONEY: Money is growing for November as the 4 requires structure and discipline to ensure we have enough for the holiday season ahead and for the new year. Don’t go spending wildly or blowing your credit card limit and budget, this is the month to make sure you are spending wisely and managing your financial situations correctly. Review and finalise any outlays you may have, review receipts, invoices or bills, correct them now for 2019.

NOVEMBER 11+2018 = 13 (4) for November we are heading into a 4 month which is all about foundations and security, making sure that our foundations are secure before we tackle on the shifts and changes to come into December which is a 5 month (12+2018 = 14 =5)

November asks you to find your foundation make sure its what you’re wanting to do if it feels unsure or rocky fix the situations that are making it feel rocky or scattered so that you have the balance to transition into the 5 month in December. Organisation and devotion are key during the 4 month especially if you are planning to take on another project or business startup.

4’s meanings: is the number of system, order and management. The number 4 is the number of fate, so it must be remembered that there will be many things that happen over which you have no control. The vibrational of four needs disciplined harmony, system and order, passion and drive, endurance, service, patience, high morals, are all the meanings of 4’s.
The negative aspect of a 4 is that they can have a lack of convention and conviction, the inability to adapt, clumsiness, laziness and dullness. The energy of the 4 seeks security and ‘home’ so this may also be a hermit stage where you wish to spend some time away from social gatherings or groups to recharge and remain in you. Don’t try to work too hard also.

Let’s break it down November is the 11th month which indicates spiritual growth, knowledge, connections, try to avoid arguments, the boss characteristic, awakening, high vibrational energies so we may suffer from anxiety and spiritual hikes such as spirit activity. The numerology number for November is 4 which indicates time for foundations, security, preparations, planning, structure and balancing.

The energy will be increased so please remain balanced and be considered when making the next decisions to ensure its the best direction and purpose for you.

May November bring you clarity, peace and happiness.

Tarot for the month: Two cards came flying out as I was shuffling with the intention of “What will the month of November bring for us” the answers are here.

FIVE OF WANDS: Disagreement, competition, strife, tension, conflict.

It is important for this month that you don’t negotiate or bring any tension or arguments on the table as an increase of disagreements may come up the front line especially with work, relationships and family. Be easy on any discussions you may have and make sure it’s from the best intention you manifest, we may have an up and down month but it’s a matter of how you choose to speak and address concerns.

THE CHARIOT: Control, willpower, success, action, determination


The time has come for you to succeed and take the determination of your next step, success is coming and will bring you great luck and opportunities on the horizon your spiritual connection

is also expanding and you are steering into the greatest directions from your choices and decisions that have been made and finalised. Remember to always be truly authentic and remain humble, don’t run too fast make sure you always have control of your decisions.

What do you wish to see for November

– Alex Morgan Psychic Medium