Well, that’s a wrap! 6 weeks of Reiki Level 1 “finding self and healing self” has officially been completed and I am super excited to see these amazing students shine and harness the Reiki energy.

In the last 6 weeks, we have all shared tears, laughter, joy, emotions, confusions and major life-altering changes while staying true within self and connecting to the pure essence of the life force energy.

We became a family and a soul family that will continue and always be there to guide along your journeys.

Reiki is truly amazing and can be a fantastic journey, I say to my students – follow your heart, trust in spirit and share the passionate love that you all have, to be a healer we must heal self and that’s what you have all truly done.

Congratulations to my amazing reiki 1 students! Woooohooo!!!!

See you in REIKI 2

– Alex Morgan Psychic Medium