Every night when you turn everything off and say goodnight ready for bed, you lay your head on your pillow and close your eyes to the other dimension ready for you to discover and connecting your awareness to your dreams and the valuable messages ready to unfold. Not many people pay much attention towards there dreams and simply because they either forget or they don’t dive in too deep into the dream to understand what truly is being given at that time.

Dreams are a mysterious “world” and the reason for that is simply because your dreams will take you anywhere and everywhere. Your dreams hold key information about what is going on within your situations of life, dreams can present you with warnings or potential dangerous threats that may be about to come or lurking in your situations.

Dreams can also act as a doorway between the bridges of heavenly realm and connecting to your loved ones who have departed from our physical world. Our conscious mind is never truly aware of seeing spirits, for example, you have a busy day job, working so hard that you are focused on too many tasks at the given time, you won’t be able to properly capture what is going on around the unknown or unknowing. When we are sleeping our mind goes into different brainwave states known as Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta.

These brain waves have key importance within our daily physical life because the Beta State is associated with normal waking consciousness and a heightened state of alertness of logic and critical reasoning. As you go about your daily activities you are at the Beta state. Whereas if you are sleeping or in a meditative state you are entering between the Alpha Waves or the Theta waves. Alpha Waves relate to Deep relaxation and light meditation, relaxation, visitations. The Theta State is usually light sleep, deep meditation, intuition, memory and vivid visual imagery is all connected within the Theta State. When we are dreaming we are in the Theta Brainwave because our mind is alert and creating but you are not physically or consciously aware of what is going on.

Spirits, loved ones, guides and angels will find it easier to communicate and share messages to you via your dreams because they are communicating and entering your subconscious. Being conscious and seeing a loved one can be a huge shock and will leave you running out the door unless you are a medium or see a lot of spirits.

It’s important to remember to not be afraid if you do meet with a loved one in your dreams. It’s a precious and valuable time to meet and greet your loved one, ask them do they have a message for you? Or sometimes they may guide you and walk with you throughout your dream or take you back to some of the key places they shared there last moments or important aspects of there life with you, maybe its the hospital bed or their family home, these were the places where they shared there loved, happiness and sadness but this is where you got to see the realness of there essence of life, or maybe you are not listening to something important they have been trying to show you.

Most of the time they wish to check up on you like your grandmother and talk about anything and everything while sipping on that cup of tea or they acknowledge there deepest sincere apology that they may have never been able to truly say within there time here on earth. Value every message and every connection you have with either your loved one, spirit guide, angel or universal message.

When either your loved ones, spirit guides or angels communicate within your dreams or your conscious world they are using enormous amounts of energy to send you that sign and messages so please do truly thank them for everything they have shown and given you, Its like being given a gift for your birthday you always should thank the person who gave it to you its a sign of respect.

Dreams are not all about your loved ones, spirit guides, angels or universal messages, dreams  have keys levels of understanding and it’s important to know that sometimes we can feel the intensity of the dream because we are connecting so deep into that dream that you may have the sensations, tastes, feelings, emotions, and sometimes it can be extremely hard to come back out from that moment or you wake up with a massive headache because you didn’t detach properly within your dream state. When you are having a deep dream and you are feeling all those sensations you are in what we call astral travelling within your dream which is an out of body experience your soul or consciousness called an “astral body” is separate from the physical body and is capable of travelling outside throughout the universe hence why sometimes you wake up with massive headaches or uneasy feelings. If you think about being in an aeroplane when landing you have smooth landings or bumpy landings that’s essentially what happens when your astral body connects back to your physical body.

I remember one of my dreams I use to have about myself getting shot, I could feel the energy of the situation, I see the trigger about to be pulled back, I could smell the gunpowder being released as the gun was fired straight into my chest and the enormous pain I felt was like someone literally shot me or stabbed me. For me, that dream was a warning sign but most importantly it was all about “transformations and endings” because death doesn’t always mean death, death is relating to endings, letting go, transformations and for me, at the time it was the transformation I truly needed within my conscious world.

Not all dreams will make sense and that is why it’s important to write down your dreams in a book or a dream journal and watch ours for the synchronicity of dreams meaning the repeated dreams because essentially that may be a message you’re not listening to or needing to pay close attention with.

Before I started my connections to the psychic world I never truly believed until my grandmother came into my dreams, she helped me and gave me key information that made me change my whole life, it was an emotional time but rewarding seeing her for the first time in my dreams and her simple message saying “everything will be all right” was the message I needed to hear.

If you are needing help or assistance with an issue you are facing or wanting to connect to a loved one, spirit guides, or simply wanting answers or to show you anything of your highest good set the intention before you sleep next and let your dreams take you on a journey to the different realms, make sure you have your book ready to write down the information you received.

Key things to remember within your dreams:

. Notice the surroundings, are they clear, dark, do you know where you are?

. How do you feel within the dream? Do you feel emotional? Happy? Scared? 

. Are you dreaming of other family members?

. Do you know what dream is telling you? Does it have a reason for your experience at the moment?

Write down everything you see, feel, if you cannot remember that’s fine ask they will show you the dream again if needed. There are a lot of dream meanings out there but I always say use your intuition and understanding by the keys things you see and take reference towards your understandings.

Share you dream stories below!

Keep dreaming and follow all your dreams,

– Alex Morgan Psychic Medium