As another year closes, another door opens and this is where we welcome in 2019. It’s always exciting to welcome another year in, while it’s a mysterious time as we are unsure of what we are walking into but with this numerology forecast and Psychic prediction, you will have a guide towards what you can expect throughout 2019.

Firstly let’s welcome you to 2019 and I wish you all the very best with warm bubbly energy and happiness, may you find your true goals and desires to your new direction ahead.

Lets recap, 2018 was an eleven year (2+0+1+8 = 11) 11 was an awakening year, it was a master number that held many shifts and changes that led many exhausted and felt very off balance because it woke the world up into realising the changes of your personal, physical and emotional self. Not only that, being a double “1” can lead to a time of domination, controlling and independence. 2018 was a year of health issues, personal problems, awakening your soul and emotions. This all came up so you can start to pay close attention and act upon it now. In the spiritual world, it was a time where you began to unlock and harness new talents and felt closer to the universe itself. 2018 brought us amazing opportunities, it showed us life, it presented us with things we dreaded the most but it all has to happen to heal and to start your next chapter for 2019. 2018 was made more intense by a rare cosmic cauldron of heavy retrogrades and pesky planetary transits that surely affect all of us on all levels.

We learnt the truth of “So-called” friends, family and people. We had to realise what the truth was and where peoples honesty rests. We said goodbye to some of our loved ones who had sadly passed in 2018 and observed relationship breakups. It’s important for you to remember both the good and the bad, but don’t feed onto the negative side of 2018, thank it for its teachings and what you learnt but now it’s time to walk into 2019 happier, loving and ready!

So what does 2019 have in store for YOU? 2019 ( 2+0+1+9 = 12 = 3) how exciting it’s a 3! Is it exciting? Well, you are going to have to make that assumption for yourself, but personally, I believe it’s a YES! The hard work and triumphs are finally over from previous years and this year is all about expansion, communication, adventure, optimism and joy.

So what does the year 3 mean we’ll simply the 3 year talks about the energies of optimism and joy, having that optimistic viewpoint being hopeful for what’s about to come for yourself and others. Finding that inner joy for your passion and your soul’s desire. Creativity is a huge aspect for a 3 year so it’s a year of making and bringing your creative talents to life, so maybe you are planning to write a book, stepping into your own business, building a house, studying, or whatever it may use this energy and the creative flow to manifest just that.

A 3 year also talks about communication and self-expression so this is the time where communication will be at its finest, being able to communicate and finally having that chance to not be afraid of what peoples thoughts are, having that free-will to step outside of your comfort circle and finally being allowed to be your true self. Communication is a barrier we all have, we are fearful to speak up or talk about the situations that have been arising for us, don’t be afraid to talk about your problems and walk your walk… You have this!

Kindness and compassion will get you a long way this year so don’t forget your respect for self and others. Heaven, Human, Earth – Trigrams of the I Ching energy, are three parallel lines representing the HEAVEN force (top line), HUMAN force (middle line) and EARTH force (bottom line), and how their close relationships affect one another. Like small energy snap-shots taken at any one moment in time, a trigram describes how the celestial/galactic energies from heaven above interact with the electromagnetic/gravitational forces from the earth below, greatly influencing the human condition and all of life –

So the balance of Heaven, Human and Earth and Past, Present, Future will come into play with the 3 year.

Use your imagination, reach your goals and true talents because this is the time to achieve all that through the expansion of the 3 year – Luck is also on your side.

Psychic abilities will be on a significant increase throughout the 3 year so you will see a greater increase of more souls wanting to seek and find that inner-connection towards there “psyche” and the gifts they are wanting to learn. If you are considering to learn any psychic skills or tools then this is truly the year to do so, manifestations and manifesting your desires wants and needs will also be a lead role towards 2019.

Number 3 resonates with the Ascended Masters and indicates that the Ascended Masters are with you, assisting when asked. The Ascended Masters helps you to focus on the divine spark within yourself and others and assists with manifesting your desires. The Ascended Masters will help you find peace, clarity and love within 2019.

3 represents the principle of increase, expansion, growth and abundance on the physical, emotional, mental financial and spiritual levels.

With all years we always have our ups and downs but if you feed on the downs you will manifest that into your reality so be cautious with your wording and intentions. The 3 year is a go with the flow, make sure you have that time out to pause and balance your mind. Don’t mask your emotions, be open and speak up as you don’t want to drown your emotions.

The 3 year is a great year ahead for all, it feels a huge sense of amazing opportunities about to bloom so get ready. Growth and expansion is the theme for 2019, plan what you wish to achieve for 2019 now and let’s manifest it

All the very best towards 2019.

– Alex Morgan Psychic Medium

Psychic Predictions for 2019 By Alex Morgan Psychic Medium:

With every year it’s always great to have that guidance and insight towards the year ahead and particularly with myself I like to see that too. So here are my predictions for 2019. Please note these are a guide towards what could happen and my interpretation. Please take the advice carefully as you are responsible for your own actions.

Pregnancy – for 2019 you will hear the fertility bells ringing, pregnancy announcements are on their way and this is because we are finally ready to welcome another soul into this world. Being a 3 year is a great time to welcome the fertility line in, so if you are planning on having children now is the time.

Fires – We have witnessed many horrible fires throughout the last ten years and it’s something we cannot control, I feel that there will be another huge fire within Australia that will rock many people throughout Mid-January to late February. We need to make sure the north-east areas are well prepared for the massive dry season ahead. With that being said I wish everyone to stay safe and to listen to the fire dangers. A huge evacuation will be needed and this will take weeks to clear the fires but it will lead into a new opening for all. Stay safe!

Finances – Finances are something we all want to be able to change and this year will spark just that, money won’t come easily but If you use your imagination and follow your gut instincts you will be able to listen to what needs to happen to make these successful changes. Go through your budget and expenses let go of anything that you no longer need to remove those restrictive pressures of finances. Watch out for any loopholes when signing contracts that are where you may end up paying more than you originally anticipated.

Relationships – Relationships are starting to smell like spring and spring is where we shed the old and let ourselves to re-blossom and that is essentially what 2019 will bring, a chance for you to find love and find that connection you have been waiting for. Clearing and letting go of previous issues or problems that hold you back from finding love will be important. You never know marriage will also come about in 2019.

Career – What a great time to put your hand up for those job promotions or business opportunities and this is where you will make some amazing progress throughout 2019. “The Sky is your limit” meaning nothing is too big or too small, you can achieve anything and everything if you let yourself take flight. Belief is your best friend throughout career for 2019 and especially with those wanting to take there next step with setting up your own business, this will be important for you to create just that. Don’t rush listen to your plans and ideas and make it happen. It will flourish.

Donald Trump – I have been feeling this huge sensation around Donald Trump and I feel it’s important he needs to watch his health, there has been an alarming sign to some vulnerability of health issues in upper area which may need to be specialised within.