Imagine the world you live in riddled with toxic negative thoughts and emotions that continuously go around in circles and circles that will never change, the simple Chinese whisper that once started with the actual truth to be turned into nothing but fakeness, to fall in love with someone who promises the world but yet they are emotionally abusive yet narcissistic towards your goals, dreams and ambitions. What people don’t realise is that we are all inundated with toxic energies and what we call as Energy Vampires yet many of us are continuously agreeing to live in this life of physical abuse to self instead of letting the toxic energy go!

Did you know toxic energy can cause major health problems? As many of you are aware, my childhood was never the same compared to many other children and that was because I was known as ” The Fat Kid ” who had no hope, no dream or ambition – yet people didn’t accept my sexuality of being gay and constantly day after day I would be the victim towards there bullying, pleading for help, crying to get any attention from the school but sadly no one saw me, yet they didn’t want to help because I was different… I was different because I would feel these energies, I would understand people on so many different levels and no one could comprehend.

When we are going through such a state we feel the power in those words, the power of NEGATIVITY and when negativity comes into our physical space, it turns into energy and that energy becomes toxic which then enters our Aura/Energy system. Once it’s reached a new home into our pure energy it blocks our chakras, it damages our Aura allowing all the negativity to feed right in like a demon attacking our soul of HAPPINESS then we are left questioning WHAT IS HAPPINESS?, it turns happiness into darkness, it allows depression and anxiety to become overwhelming because our energy bodies are trying to fight it out of our system. Negativity and Toxic energy can cause numerous issues for us such as Self-doubt, Anxiety, Depression, Fears, Fatigue/exhaustion, Diabetes, Heart problems, Panic attacks, High blood pressure – the list goes on and on because we are neglecting OUR body and allowing this negative toxic energy to enter.

Toxic energy can from our workplace, jealousy, friends, family or even your own self and yes that’s important to note – OUR SELF! SELF, how many of us always brings us down with a negative thought or feeling? for example, I will never get that job, I’m not good enough, he/she won’t love me this is a form of negativity and toxicity that you don’t need as negative thoughts and intentions can destroy you far greater than what people realise.

Why do you allow yourself to be so negative? Why do you allow others opinions to affect you and DEFINE YOU? WHY? It’s simple because most of the time we just allow and never stand up for ourselves, it’s a true fact a victim will never stop playing the victim card – So why are you allowing these energies or negativity to effect YOU it’s because we are human and live in a reality where we put so many other people first and neglect our true self.  in order to overcome all this we need to raise our vibration – how do you do so? Well easy!


1 – State out loud one thing that you are grateful for or have a gratitude diary

2 – Detoxing / Clean eating – When we eat we feed our body and soul with different types of nutrients, fats and vitamins that are important for our vibration, energy and our body to continue to function healthy and happily but when we eat Mcdonalds and all those fast foods it makes our energy feel sluggish and horrible, hence why food is peoples comfort for when they are emotionally unbalanced because we are feeding our body to feel better but in fact, we aren’t feeding the body the right requirements to change and vibrate higher to filter the junk out.

Our body requires a lot higher vibrational foods such as Fresh certified organic fruit and vegetables, Natural supplements e.g. spirulina, Pure or filtered water — reverse osmosis or freshly collected spring water are the best choices or Raw chocolate. These foods have a higher vibration because they are plant bases or natural. whereas Coffee, soft drink, alcohol, Cooked foods, deep-fried foods and microwaving food are low vibrations. Change your diet and make your body feel better.

3 – BATH BOMS & CLEANSING – Yessss!! Some me time and TLC, that is what makes everything feel better as you can soak and release all that negativity, light a candle or incense too and just bathe, focus on your breathing and just let all the negativity vanish away.

4 – Meditate – Meditation allows us to raise our vibration fast because it brings balances and promotes a sense of relaxation for our Mind, Body and Soul. Meditation can change our brain waves allowing ourselves to truly tap into our high consciousness and brings harmony and balance.

5 – SAY NO TO WHAT DRAINS YOU! Why are you always helping and being a slave to others? WHAT DO THEY DO FOR YOU! It’s time to stop saying yes to everyone and put yourself FIRST go buy that expensive necklace or holiday you are planning, don’t let others emotions or negativity to control you because you are far greater than that! SAY YES TO YOU! 

6 – SAY NO TO SOCIAL MEDIA, PHONES AND TECHNOLOGY! Yes, we are all sick of hearing about Trump and how this or that is happening, sometimes the simplicity of turning your phone off and reading a manmade book can detach from that negativity or emotion.

7 – SAY SOMETHING NICE TO A STRANGER! – You’ll feel good x

8 – Go for a walk, fresh air is always essential, while doing that HUG the tree that provides you with fresh air <3 


10 – Essential Oils – Implement Essential Oils into your everyday life as they have healing benefits and therapies towards them, for example, Wild Orange, Lavender and Frankincense are all high vibrational energy as Wild Orange is all about joy and happiness while Frankincense is cleansing and lavender promotes relaxation and calmness.


12 – Join a likeminded group or circle – Go join a group that have the same interests as you, this is great to find similarity and being able to connect to likeminded souls.

13 – De-clutter your workspace/living area – When the brain is fogged so is everything else.


Raising your vibration can be easy but hard at the same time because we all need to find that motivation and once we do you watch how everything will change for the better. I hope these tools can help you towards Removing negative energies and toxicity.

Remember we are in control of our power!!!