25 FEB, 2020 – FULL MOON – 

Full Moon Meaning-

A full moon occurs when the sun is opposite to the moon, inner tension can be felt during this moon phase period and can lead to personal conflict that drains your energy. Have you been feeling very flat lately well it’s likely due to the full moon.

The Full Moon is a magical time of endings and releasing anything that no longer serves you. During the full moon period, you can feel heightened emotions, anxiety, amplified dreams, and stress. It is a perfect time to focus on mediations to re-connect yourself with the divine and seek guidance towards what you’re needing to know for the next season.

During the Full Moon write down on a piece of paper everything that no longer serves you in terms of emotions, anger, problems or tensions with people or relationships and  what you’re wanting to release to the universe then burn the paper under the moon taking deep breaths in and out, as you are burning say out loud “ I release, I release, I release”

This is a special time to reconnect and allow the universe to take these matters into the universal hands. I encourage you all to please be extra mindful on your own self as the full moon can play in mysterious ways.


“ I call upon my guides and the universe to support me during this time of need,

I call upon my Guides, Angels, loved one and the Masters of the Moon to please support me at this time.

I ask for the full moon healing to begin and release any attachments that no longer serve me.

I ask in favor, release, release, release. “

*Place crystals outside during full moon*

The other importance of the full moon is to recharge and cleanse your crystals you can do this by placing them outside under the full moon or your window ledge inside at home.


– Alex