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Reiki Level 1

Learn Reiki 1 and explore the history of Reiki, Reiki Symbols , learning to healing self and practising healing techniques plus more!

Reiki Level 2

Learn the techniques of absent healing and become qualified to treat clients

Reiki Masters

The final completion of your Reiki journey. Becoming a Reiki Master will allow you to attune others to the Reiki techniques and teach other potential students

Psychic Development

Are you wanting to gain the confidence to be able to connect to your Angels and guides? Learning how to read for others, discovering pendulums, auras, spirits and more? well, this course is for you

Let’s journey together

Hello there, Welcome I am super blessed to see that you are interested in attending a class or an event with myself, being passionate to teach and work with Spirit is my soul’s passion. During my teachings, I empathise your abilities as I believe that everyone has a natural ability to connect with Spirit and Energy. We are all born with a gift from a very young age. Whether it’s Psychic development or Energy work we are all gifted with such abilities, it’s important to also note that everyone’s journey is unique and different from every other soul which makes your experience connecting to the “psyche or energy” profound and unique. Let’s tap into your awareness and discover more together, are you ready to follow your calling? Get in touch today – Alex

Ready to discover – Upcoming Courses, Events & Workshops


See Alex Morgan Psychic Medium At – Good Vibrations Bohemian Bulla Market

Come and enjoy the sunshine with us, and indulge yourself with a Psychic Reading, Healing or perhaps a relaxing Massages. Learn new ideas and purchase some goodies, from the many unique stall holders joining us. These include Candles, Crystals, Clothing, Organic Holistic Products, Art, Crafts, Beauty Products, Essential Oils, Jewelry and so much more. It is a fun filled day for the children, with Free Face Painter, Follow our page to keep updated with the wonderful workshops that are being offered FREE ADMISSION Visit our website for list of stall holders joining us



Reiki Level 1 – 6 Week ” Healing self and discovery ” – Thursday, October 11

Welcome to Reiki 1, discover and learn the history of Reiki, understanding the healing form of Reiki, the five principles, the seven chakras, symbols and how to perform treatments for self and clients. Reiki 1 is a journey that allows you to tap into your intuitive consciousness and promotes healing of self

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Reiki was founded by Dr. Mikao Usui who went on a journey to find the art of “Hands on healing or healing using the hands” which was used back in ancient times, dating back times of Jesus and Buddha. Dr. Mikao Usui went on a 21 day fast on top of a holy mountain and on the 21st day he was presented with a huge golden light which shown him the symbols and what he needed to “heal” and the creation of Reiki was born. Dr. Usui helped heal the slums and taught many other students which led to Master teachers, during Reiki you will also learn the history of Dr. Mikao Usui and his mission. Reiki has been used for thousands of years, followed by varied traditions of “hands-on” and “intuitive healing” with Reiki. Reiki means Universal Spirit of Life or Universal Life Energy. During a Reiki session, the practitioner channels the universal life energy from source and then to the client. Reiki is naturally safe, easy and recognised by many. Reiki helps to decrease depression, anxiety while it enhances calmness to your body and soul. REIKI 1 CLASS: 6 WEEK COURSE – THURSDAYS 6.30 – 9.30pm $444.00 for 6 weeks or $80 per week What you will learn: History of Reiki – lineage What is Reiki The 5 principles of Reiki Affirmations and Protection ArchAngels Colours and meanings Smudging and removing negative energy Protection Drawing of the symbols The Seven Chakras How to perform Reiki Treatments for self, clients and family Developing your intuitive self REIKI 1 attunements And more! All students will receive a certificate of accomplishment of REIKI LEVEL 1

Psychic Development Level 1 – DATES COMING SOON

Are you wanting to gain the confidence to be able to connect to your Angels and guides? Learning how to read for others, discovering pendulums, auras, spirits and more? well, this course is for you. DATE TO BE CONFIRMED

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