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Everyone has a mission within their life; my mission is to inspire and share the work of healing and guidance to those who are in need. Healing is not just healing our Mind, Body or Spirit. Healing is healing all parts of our everyday needs, either it’s receiving closure from a loved one who’s crossed over or to truly understand a situation you may be experiencing. Healing is beyond the imaginable, we are always healing from situations and I am here to help provide that closure, healing your situations from the messages of the universe and Spirit.


My Story

Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan Psychic  Medium is Melbourne’s renowned Medium – Alex has been featured on International Radio Show, Couple Of Mitche’s Podcast and traveling around Australia including the Mind, Body and Spirit festival. Alex has a passion of being able to share and connect messages from spirit and your loved ones. Alex has a crazy and infectious personality that will uplift your soul while providing guidance and understanding to your questions.

Life can be challenging and difficult, sometimes we may feel that we are at crossroads but Alex believes that we must trust in Spirit as they always have the way of manifesting our dreams to become a reality.

Are you ready to experience a Psychic Reading? Book Now and lets create an experience you wont forget! – Love and Blessings – Alex xo



20 Minute Phone / Skype Reading 

Join Alex Morgan Psychic Medium as he connects with you to answer any questions that you may have regarding love, career, finances, guidance or wanting to connect with a loved one from the other side. 


Never miss a moment of Alex Morgan Psychic Medium – DUE TO COVID-19 Alex will be offering Phone / Skype Readings and in-person sessions. Depending on restrictions changes may be applied – contact Alex to find out more information regarding your appointment and if changes have been made.



You can now book a session with Alex Morgan Psychic Medium In-person or Online. Visit the booking page for more details


What People are Saying about Alex

I had a reading with Alex yesterday. He knew EXACTLY what was going on with my work situation and things within my personal life.

It was just like YES, YES, YES! He also connected with my father in law who has only recently passed away, which was something I had hoped he would be able to do.

Alex also reassured me that my son is going to be ok and so am I. Thank you, Alex. You are a beautiful soul. x


Rachelle La Pierre

“I have been to a few good psychic mediums in my time and have to say that Alex is the one of the best, if not the best I have been to.

Whilst I can say that I am a believer of the psychic realm I still always approach every reading with a level of skepticism.

Within minutes of my reading by Alex I was blown away by his level of accuracy and detail without giving away anything about myself.

He is also a lovely chap. I highly recommend him!”


Lina Be

“Alex did a phone reading for me today and from the first breath I felt comfortable and at ease…

What then followed was the guidance and support I was looking for and needed… for someone that has only been doing this for a few years I am amazed at how accurate he was…

Cannot wait to see Alex grow into an even better Psychic/Medium…

Thank you once again Alex I’ll be sure to recommend you to all my friends and family ❤❤❤”


Sarah Malik-Hernandez

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0457 030 948

Email: info@alexmorgan.com.au

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