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Thank you Alex for the lovely reading yesterday. It was very interesting and eye opening. You were on target with everything. What a sweetheart you are also. I am so very glad I had this reading . Considering my life has been at a dead standstill like you said, I really needed some advice. I also needed some direction at this moment since I feel alone.

Even thou I know I am not alone. I know my angels are with me. You know what I mean. I need communication with real people and get out of isolation. I will let you know how things go.i thank you soooo much I appreciate what you do. I feel so much better now after the reading. I have to admit you are good at what you do!! ??God bless you. Love and light also.

I also will let you know when my book is done. I will give you the first copy. Be well and keep up

The good work helping people like me. Also making me feel normal and not like I wasn’t crazy. ??? Catch you online again soon. Sincerely Linda

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