I didn’t get the message I wanted… I got the message that I needed to hear and I am grateful for it. He went where spirit lead him and didn’t pacify me. If that sounds harsh that’s not my intention.

Because honestly I don’t think he could possibly have a mean bone in his body. ( I’m an extremely indecisive person) and Alex was able to give me a reading with details in things I absolutely NEEDED to hear because I couldn’t even make up my mind as to what I was needing guidance with (everything). lol. He sifted through my total indecisiveness and gave me a reading that brought things into focus so I could actually make some pretty important decisions.

He is so kind and very patient and trust me I’m a very wishy washy , uhhh I’m not sure, idk maybe, kind of person and he has helped me tremendously. So YES… I highly recommend Alex to anyone. I will be booking again and I’m confident even if I cant choose or I don’t know what I need guidance or to focus on Alex will. Thank you so much!!! You’re a blessing!!!!